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Changing The Past Chapter 8

Shang Tsung growled angrily as he stared down at Kano's body.

"You fool!" He hissed, enraged. "You cost me everything!"

Kano let out a little moan as he slowly regained consciousness. He stared up in horror at the angered Shang Tsung.

"Well." Shang said with a smile. "At least I'll have some pleasure making sure that you never see the light of day again!" He nodded at his guards, who came and grabbed the criminal by the arms.

"Take him to the dungeon."

"NO!" Kano shouted at him. He began to struggle with the guards, but was too weak to fight them off. They dragged him off across the sand.

Shang Tsung turned to watch the four Earthlings leave.

"She'll be mine again." He vowed. "I don't care what it takes... I'll get her back." ***

"God! I can't believe you're all right!" Eric shouted, lifting Sonya up once again. He put her down, planting kisses on her face.

"Eric." Sonya admonished him. "Take it easy on the PDA! People are watching." Eric looked up and down the beachm where people began pretending like they weren't watching the couple.

"I know. I just can't help it." He sighed and seemed to almost immediately grow serious. "Are you okay baby? Did he hurt you?"

"No I'm fine its just..." She motioned towards her bandaged arm. "He let Kano go to town on my arm."

"That bastard will pay for ever laying his hands on my woman." Eric promised her.

"I'm sure that bastard has already paid enough, what with all the things Tsung is planning on doing to him." She reassured him. "Now lets go join your friends. I haven't eaten in a while." ***

"So we got Kano out of the way. But what about this Goro guy? How's Eric going to fight him with his stomach all torn up?"

"It seems to me that Eric's doing okay. He was picking up Sonya just fine." Johnny felt like adding a snide remark at his girl's "fiance".

"Yeah but I don't think he's strong enough to fight Goro." Liu remarked.

Eric and Sonya approached the two amidst their talking.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." Eric reassured them as he sat down. He smiled as he put an arm around Sonya. "I got my girl with me."

Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Johnny mocked him in his brain. I got my girl with me.

Suddenly there was a stir in the crowd. The four earthlings turned to watch Shang Tsung enter, followed by his champion, Goro, a green creature, and Kano.

"What the hell is he doing here..." Johnny wondered aloud. He looked at Sonya to see her sending knives at him through her eyes.

Shang held up his hand. Almost immediately the room grew quiet. "Congratulations, my remaining warriors. you have made it to the 'finals', if you will, of Mortal Kombat. The championships begin today."

he laughed as he relished the next words. "But first, I have a few change in fights. Since we have a new Earthling warrrior joining, we will begin by letting her get aqcainted with Goro."

The crowd stirred as they viewed Sonya, who was obviously too little to beat the huge mass of muscle. "Meanwhile, Eric and Johnny Cage will have a match on the private part of my beach."

"W-what?" Goro stuttered. He growled angrily. "You plan on making me fight a little girl?"

"The emperor put you here to follow my orders, as such you will do as I say." Shang ordered him.

"Hold up!" Eric yelled, standing up. "You can't do this to Sonya! She's too injured to fight Goro." He advanced towards the sorceror.

The huge green creature jumped from his spot behind Tsung to land in front of Eric. He hissed at him.

"Come, Reptile." Shang said, satisfaction tainting his voice. He left, followed by Goro and the relunctant Reptile.

Kano smiled, pointing at the stunned Sonya. "I'll see you in a few, baby." he followed after the rest.

"This better work, Kano." Shang said as soon as they were out of sight.

"Trust me. Not only are Eric fighting for the fate of the world, but they're also fighting for the love of Sonya." he gave an evil laugh. "They're bound to kill each other." ***

"GREAT!" Eric snapped. "He pulled one past us again. What are we gonna do?"

"The one thing we came here to do." Johnny said, tired of his complaining. "Fight."

"But we can't fight each other!" Liu protested. "There should be some rule against it!"

"Well there isn't. And I for one am not worried." Sonya retorted, though the look in her eyes completely contradicted her words. "I can hold my own against that big monster. And you guys just keep it simple. One of you can take the fall, and everything will be fine."

"You guys want me to go with you?" Liu asked.

"No, you stay with Sonya and make sure no funny stuff goes on in the fight with Goro." ***

Sonya stood in the middle of the arena, practicing her kicks. It felt nice to be in the arena without Shang's dirty eyes staring through her. As she tilted her head back to enjoy the night breeze, she heard drums go off into the distance. Where there had been nothing, Shang Tsung appeared. He gave her a smile.

"Hello my dear." he said with a softness that didn't match him at all. "Its been a long time."

"Yes, Shang." She agreed. "Its been a nice few hours without you around to bother me."

Shang's eyes got dark. "You know you can't win this one, Sonya." he added. "If you give up now, you will forgo the pain and humiliation Goro is about to put you through."

"For what? So you can put your paws on me again?" she snapped. "I don't think so."

"That's your decision, sweet heart." a voice chimed in from behind her. She turned to watch Kano enter the arena. "Either way you're goinig to end up back over here... with me."

"Why don't you guys leave the lady alone?" Liu demanded, standing up.

"Easy, chosen one. We'll leave her alone. It seems that Goro is ready to enter the arena." Shang motioned toward some doors off to the side. They slammed open, and the champion entered the arena.

"Just like I told you, Goro. She's not to be killed, only put away for awhile." Shang reminded him quietly.

"Don't worry, sorceror, I won't hurt your precious girlfriend." Goro said back. "You just better hope that the emperor doesn't find out that you're putting your hormones in front of world domination."

"BEGIN!" Shang shouted. The huge monster and the small female circled each other, each holding their fighting stance. Sonya began the fight with a couple of kicks to the torso, which didn't do much to the four-armed monster. He laughed.

"This should be easier than I though." When she went to punch him, he grabbed her fist, and lifted her off the ground. Grabbing her other arm, he rose her above his head, and sent her down with all his might.

Sonya let out a squell as she fell hard on her stomach, her broken arm made a huge snapping noise, and the air was knocked out of her.

"Heh. This is funner than I thought it would be." Kano muttered to himself.

Goro took no time to celebrate. He put one foot firmly down on her back, then reached down and grabbed her hair. With his foot keeping her lower body firmly on the ground, he yanked up. Her back popped as a huge pain roared through her body. Pieces of hair came off in his hand. The sorceror couldn't stand watching her go through so much, but it needed to be done.

"Very nice. Now finish her." He took his foot off her back. she sat up to watch his through the blurriness.

He raised his fist. Sonya eyes widened as she watched him. But it was an illusion. While she was watching his fist, his foot came and kicked her square in the forehead. She was sent flying back against the wall, her eyes shut and finally the pain ended in unconsciousness.

Shang jumped from his throne. "Beautifully done." he nodded at Kano, who picked up Sonya with one effortless swing.

"The next fight is Liu Kang versus Goro." he looked at Goro. "I'll be in Outworld with my future queen. You take care of Liu Kang, then come meet me there."